Therese Fisher

This site is designed to give you an introduction to who I am.
Really, my whole life is about art. I live the life of an artist. Everything I do is an expression of art. So the real question is "What is art?"

To me, art is joy. Art is both a conversation with and an expression of the divine.
Art is a piece of clay molded into an idea, or an idea molded into a piece of clay.
Art is drumming.
Art is a woven thread or fiber or strand of powerful healing energy.
Art is a graceful movement of words... sung... spoken... written.
Art is Spirit.
Art is Love.
Art is holding space for people as they open up to the experience of their own truth and their own expression of the divine.
Art is random acts of kindness.
Art is the exquisite portrait painted in the soul while holding the hand of a dying person.
Art is bringing healing to any situation.
Art is silliness and laughter.
Art is every moment of every day.
Art is who I am.


©2014, 2016 Therese Fisher